Pfizer Stumbles Upon Yet Another Miracle

By Joseph Hill JUN 15, 2023
in Bio Tech

An Unexpected Experimental Outcome

With this new compound, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals becomes the cover story of the Wall Street Journal. Stefan is the Chief Scientist of Pfizer, mainly researching new drugs for the treatment of hypertension. It is reported that his team has discovered a new compound that has shown a significant effect in lowering blood pressure in animal experiments. During the human clinical trials, Stefan noticed a peculiar phenomenon. The blood pressure-lowering effect of this compound is not significant. 

But many of the patients who participated in the trial reported an unexpected side effect: significant weight loss. Stefan didn't pay too much attention to this phenomenon at first, thinking it might just be an isolated case. But as the clinical trials progressed, more and more patients reported the same phenomenon of weight loss. Stefan realized that they might have discovered a new weight loss ingredient. He immediately assembled a new research team to conduct in-depth studies on the weight loss effects of this compound. Stefan named this compound "Metabolin".

What Is Metabolin

This is a compound that selectively affects endopeptidases in the human body, especially a peptidase called GLP-1. GLP-1 is highly expressed in the intestines and nervous system of the human body, and is expressed at a lower level in other tissues and organs.

In the intestine, when people eat, GLP-1 increases to deal with the sugar in the food. The function of Metabolin is to enhance the activity of GLP-1, improve insulin resistance, and help reduce fat storage. In the nervous system, GLP-1 acts in the appetite center of the brain. Metabolin, by enhancing the neural activity of GLP-1, can effectively suppress appetite and reduce the likelihood of overeating.

In addition, Metabolin can also help the body lose weight by accelerating the breakdown and consumption of fat through its effect on the fat oxidation process in fat cells. This is mainly achieved through the modulation of an enzyme called AMPK, which plays a critical role in regulating energy balance and fat oxidation in the body.

Overall, Metabolin exerts its effects on glucose and fat metabolism in a comprehensive way by enhancing GLP-1 activity and affecting AMPK, resulting in weight control. This discovery provides a new perspective for the treatment of obesity.

GuruTrim Belly Shaping Patch

Stefan's team commercialized metabolin and developed the GuruTrim Belly Shaping Patch. The formula is based on a skin penetration system when applied to the surface of the skin, the GuruTrim Belly Shaping Patch releases a high concentration of Metabolin and plant-based substances hidden in a special layer of the patch, which converts fatty acids while maximizing the stimulation of metabolism and fat burning.

① The external protective layer serves a protective function, preventing the patch from being physically damaged.

② The reservoir is the core of the GuruTrim patch, containing a high concentration of metabolin and plant extracts.

③ The release layer controls the substances contained in the reservoir to release at a programmed speed for a specific period of time.

④ The adhesive layer allows the patch to fully adhere to your body, enabling the delivery of the substances to your body.

Amazing Clinical Trial Results

5,000 overweight women and men of different degrees participated in a 30-day clinical trial.

√ All study participants experienced a 2-3 times increase in metabolic rate after using the patch for the first time.

√ In 89% of cases, participants lost 7-8 kg within the first 10 days.

√ 91% of women were able to get rid of cellulite.

√ In 94% of cases, participants reported feeling full for longer periods of time after meals and stopped snacking.

√ Additionally, 97% of cases did not experience the yo-yo effect.

These are the remarkable results of the GuruTrim Belly Shaping Patch.

√ After one week of use, energy flow is improved, metabolic rate is accelerated, and weight loss is 4-8 kilograms.

√ After two weeks of use, mood improves, thigh circumference is reduced by 0.4-1.6 inches, cellulite is reduced by 40%, and hunger is reduced.

√ After three weeks of use, the abdomen becomes flatter, the waistline is visible, and body fat is reduced by 60%-80%.

√ After four weeks of use, snacking between meals is completely stopped, cellulite disappears completely, and weight loss is 7-13 kg.

Where To Buy?

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To take advantage of the special offer while stock is still available, visit the official website to get one now, and expect the miraculous transformation today.


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They came when expected. They are comfortable to wear.

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I put a patch on my tummy in the morning, and take it off in the evening. I weighed myself every morning and found I lost 1-1.5lbs every 2-3 days. I stopped periodically, because i didnt want to lose too fast.

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At this price point, I keep buying packages for my friends, because I get so many compliments! Best weight loss product ever!

John Carlo Santos

These work l just need to remember to wear them.

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I’ve used these nightly for the past two weeks and have seen significant improvement in bloating. They are thin, so if you were to wear them under clothing they are undetectable, and they don’t hurt to remove despite being like a sticky patch. I think the package provides quite a bit of patches and is a good value.

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I have been using two patches everyday for a week now. Not sure if i have seen any difference in my weight or my size for that matter, but i surely noticed that i feel less hungry now than before. I am hoping by the time i get to the last two patches, I’d surely see some inches down. Will keep updated!

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I had just a bit of a 50 year old pudge belly. After just a few days I could see and feel the difference in not only my little pudge but also my legs and butt. Nice and easy made me feel good because I was using something natural too.

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These patches work indefinitely! OMG I've lost 8 lbs in ONE WEEK! I drink 4; 16 oz of water a day as well. I never thought I would loose my baby weight and after 4 years of trying gym (inconsistent because of job/child), diet, pills nothing worked aside from these patches! If you want fast, safe and amazing weight loss results BUY BUY BUY these!

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Excellent product! Got the results I wanted after 4 month. Easy to use and effective solution for busy individuals who has no time to go to the gym. Love it!

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I like these I stick them over my belly and I noticed they send me to the bathroom a lot more than some brands that I have spent a lot of money on that are over priced these ones are not expensive and they work way better. You will see results pretty quickly because they make you run to the bathroom so much to clean you out.

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