The Biggest Loser has broken the record for the highest weight loss achievement

By Joseph Hill JUN 25, 2023
in Bio Tech

The champion of the famous American weight loss competition show, The Biggest Loser, has emerged! Danny has set a new record by losing a total of 239 pounds!

This remarkable achievement is credited to French expert, Hert Staalp, and his team. Staalp attended the second round of the World Obesity Day summit in Japan to find solutions to the global obesity problem. Japan is renowned for its low obesity rates, and Staalp decided to investigate why they have such low rates.

Staalp's Research

To unravel this mystery, Staalp's team created a dedicated database called "Lifeline". Through classification analysis, Staalp discovered a hidden pattern that had been overlooked: it was not always the case that northern Japan had low obesity rates, but rather it was the result of population migration from the southern region over many years, which led to a combination of favorable genetic traits for low obesity rates throughout the country.

To explore this further, Staalp visited Kumamoto in southern Japan. Through extensive research on the local lifestyle habits, Staalp discovered that they used a specific plant as a seasoning in their food, which was absent in the northern region. This dietary difference caught Staalp's attention.

The Amazing Power of Gingembre Japonais

This plant is known as Gingembre Japonais. Through in-depth analysis of its components, Staalp's team discovered that Gingembre Japonais is rich in LPL enzyme. When LPL acts on the surface of fat cells, it breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids. Thus, an increase in LPL in the body leads to more fat being used as energy. Additionally, LPL can lower the risk of obesity by inhibiting the secretion of cytokines. It is the abundance of LPL enzyme in Gingembre Japonais that keeps the obesity rates low in the southern region of Japan! This finding energized Staalp and his entire team.

How GuruTrim Slim Patch Works

Using Gingembre Japonais as a key ingredient, they established cultivation bases in France and developed the GuruTrim Slim Patch. By harnessing the high concentration of Gingembre Japonais extract stored in the pill, it releases abundant LPL enzyme, which directly affect the body, resulting in astonishing weight loss effects. GuruTrim targets the belly button area, significantly boosting metabolism and concentrating the body's fat reserves for burning, leading to a substantial energy expenditure. The belly button, the connection point with the outside world from the moment of birth, is the most primal energy focal point. However, it is also fragile and susceptible to external influences.

Astounding Clinical Data

Through a 30-day clinical trial involving 1,000 obese volunteers, GuruTrim Slim Patch achieved remarkable results. The most significant effect was witnessed in a volunteer who lost an incredible 160 pounds, going from 327 pounds to 167 pounds. The remaining participants achieved an average weight loss of 80 pounds.

All study subjects experienced a 2-3 times increase in metabolic rate after the first use of the patch.

89% of cases lost 7-8 kilograms within the first 10 days.

94% of cases reported a reduced appetite after regular meals and felt satiated for longer periods.

97% of cases did not experience the Yo-Yo effect.

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